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Welcome to the Intellectual Property Student Association page at the Texas Tech University School of Law!

Please Note: This site is currently under renovation but should be up-to-date fairly soon. If you have any questions about IPSA before the organizational fair, please contact Jared Mullowney at jared.mullowney@ttu.edu. Thanks for your patience!

Intellectual property law, in its main 4 flavors (Patents,  Trademarks, Copyrights, or Trade Secrets) permeates every aspect of our lives. Your backpack, your iPod, or your cell phone are protected by multiple utility and design patents, the brands of your shoes or jeans are protected trademarks, your books or the songs in your iPod are copyright protected, and the formula of your drink is probably a trade secret.

Our Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for Tech concerning intellectual property and provide assistance and support for students pursuing a career in intellectual property law. 

Our Mission: The goal of the Intellectual Property Students Association is to create a fellowship of law students and faculty at Texas Tech University to promote education, research, and career opportunities in the area of intellectual property.

IP Excellence: We need to enlist active participants who are willing to work together for IPSA to become a success and create a legacy of "IP Excellence" at Texas Tech University School of Law. If you are interested in joining IPSA, please contact any IPSA Officer or follow the instruction in the IPSA Membership section.

Find us at the Organizational Fair for information about IPSA's activities this year!



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